Coming Soon

Coming Soon New York’s floor-to-ceiling storefront on Orchard Street appears like a portal into the city’s coolest studio apartment; part vintage furniture and kooky home wares, with a sprinkling of unique jewelry and artisanal body products.

Inside, there’s a decidedly domestic quality, with mid-century dining tables, chairs, and coffee tables laden with classic Scandinavian enamelware, contemporary concrete vases, and handcrafted jewelry.

While the combination of whimsical objects (like the ceramic hat-bowl by Wyatt Little and the Chen & Kai melon-cast planters) should seem hard on the eyes, somehow it all just works – there’s a clear and confident thread that weaves these offbeat pieces into a cohesive take on modern living, while mercifully avoiding the usual post-ironic clichés.

Melting Butter - Cool Shop Find

37 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002